Maxity Foundation Unveils Phomax NFT For Treatment, Management Of Glaucoma


A ground breaking initiative that would revolutionize the treatment and management of glaucoma across Nigeria has been unveiled by Maxity Glaucoma Foundation

Executive Director, Maxity Glaucoma Foundation, Desmond Bassey announced this during media briefing held in Benin City, Edo State on Monday where he unveiled the foundation’s new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) called Phomax.

Bassey revealed that the NFT would be used to fund free glaucoma treatment and management for up to one million Nigerians living with glaucoma.

Furthermore, he explained that the Phomax NFT would be used to pay for glaucoma-related medical services, such as consultation, registration, medication and other treatments, adding that the foundation would also use the funds to pay for the training of glaucoma specialists and the creation of glaucoma awareness campaigns.

However, the executive director expressed his excitement about the initiative, stating that it was a major step forward in the fight against glaucoma in Nigeria.

He also expressed his hope that the Phomax NFT would be a catalyst for further progress in glaucoma treatment and management in the country. “The Phomax NFT has already generated a great deal of interest from donors, and the foundation has already raised a substantial amount of money to begin the initiative.

Desmond expressed confidence that the NFT would be a success, and that it would help to improve the lives of many Nigerians living with glaucoma.

He concluded by thanking the press for their support and encouraging everyone to get involved in the fight against glaucoma. “The Phomax NFT is just the beginning, and that there is much more work to be done to ensure that glaucoma patients in Nigeria receive the best possible care.”