Maxity Foundation Maximizes Glaucoma Care Through Innovation, Introduces Game-Changing Consensus Mechanism


A new dawn is set as Maxity Glaucoma Foundation in a visionary partnership with Phomax NFT, is about to revolutionize glaucoma patient care with a game-changing consensus mechanism.

This groundbreaking initiative comes at a crucial time, as glaucoma patients in Nigeria face challenges due to the low doctor-patient ratio and the detrimental effects of brain drain on the healthcare system.

Through this innovative approach, the foundation is aimed to decentralize patient care, promote transparency, and place glaucoma patients at the heart of their treatment journey.

According to the Executive Director of Maxity Glaucoma Foundation, Desmond Bassey, he expressed this transformative vision to international and local partners. Recognizing the urgent need for improved glaucoma management in Nigeria.

He believed that the proof of medical report would bring about positive change and address the current disparities in patient care.

Similarly, he identified brain drain as a significant challenge faced by Nigerian doctors, and as a consequence of the low doctor-patient ratio and the overwhelming demand for medical services.

He added that the consensus mechanism is strategically designed to alleviate this burden and revitalize the doctor-patient relationship.

He noted: “By decentralizing patient care, external doctors can easily access patients through the consensus mechanism, effectively reducing the strain on local healthcare providers and nurturing a a renewed sense of trust and commitment within the medical community.

“The proof of medical report empowers glaucoma patients to take control of their eye health. By providing patients with direct access to their medical reports and telemedicine services, they can communicate freely with doctors, seek expert advice, and make informed decisions about their treatment.”

Furthermore, Bassey revealed that a shift in patient-centered care placed the glaucoma community in a position of empowerment, actively engaging them in managing their condition.

“The consensus mechanism introduces blockchain technology into healthcare, a transformative move that creates trust and transparency in managing patient data and information.

“By leveraging the decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain, patient records and medical reports are securely stored and easily accessible to authorized healthcare professionals.

“This revolutionary step enhances data privacy and ensures seamless collaboration among medical practitioners,” he concluded.