Heaven Opens As Erosion Takes Over Major Roads In Edo


It was a mixed feelings as heaven’s opened up its storage while erosion took over major roads and streets in Benin-City, Edo State capital.

The heavy downpour which started at noon in the ancient city was a mixed blessings for residents who have been experiencing harsh weather caused by the dry season for weeks.

The residents inability to experience rainfall led to serious heat at home especially at night coupled with the non availability of electricity across the town.

Though, people who have been praying for rain to fall in order to ease the harsh weather all day and at night got more than what they bargained for as heaven’s opened up its storage tank and heavy downpour later caused erosion.

Residents at Ogheghe, Amagba, Ugbor village, Sapele road and many others witnessed the wonders of God as the rain fell heavily while some shops and houses were filled with flood due to high volume of the erosion.

Meanwhile, the cause of the erosion could be attributed to blockage on major drainages which hitherto hindered the free flow of water as the heavy downpour continued to fall.