Group Backs Showunmi Stance On Gov. Abiodun’s Lack Of Visionary Leadership


Good Governance Vanguard (GGV), a non-political group has said that no amount of unpatriotic sponsored attack against Segun Showunmi, a member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would displace the fact that Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has performed abysmally poor.

GGV made this declaration in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Irede Ogunrinde while reacting to a news report credited to one Ogun Civil Network calling Segun Showunmi all sort of unprintable names just for asking Gov Abiodun to up its game and give qualitative leadership just as he promised during his electioneering campaign.

The group said it was so laughable and indeed playing to the gallery for anyone to have dubbed Showunmi, Spokesman of 2019 Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign, a political jobber with no pedigree, who only criticised for pecuniary gains after which he would shut up his mouth.

“We could understand the pains and frustration of this attack dog masquerading as a group because our dear brother, Segun Showunmi has told this audio government of what they do not want to hear.

“As a conscientious indigene of Ogun State and who wants the very best for the state, would it not be right to voice out displeasure about sheer cluelessness of this administration.

“The roads are in comatose, same goes for the health and education sector. Yes the buildings are being refurbished, but the problem of acute shortage of teaching and health personnel is left to soar higher.

“The local governments have remained moribund with their allocation unaccounted for, yet our governor nearly shouted himself hoarse promising local government autonomy if elected into office.

“It’s shameful this government cannot tolerate constructive criticism which is the bedrock of a thriving democracy. We remember quite vividly that not until this same Showunmi put Gov Abiodun on the spot, the governor never deemed it fit to roll out the names of his Commissioners six months after assuming office.

“And if this same Segun Showunmi is not a major stakeholder in the politics of Ogun State and whose major interest lies solely in advancing good governance and nothing more, he would have acceded to various overtures coming from many emissaries of the present administration.

“We hereby condemned this unwarranted attack against our dear brother once again for just simply helping to wake up this heavily snoring government at the duty post and if rather than adjust, all it can do is to send its attack dogs after him, 2023 is almost here when the residents of the state will unanimously revolt with their votes,” the statement stated.