Flood: Iguosa Housing Estate Residents Commend NEWMAP Intervention


Residents of Iguosa Housing Estate have commended Edo State Government Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (Edo State NEWMAP) intervention on the flood and gully erosion ravaging their areas.

They hereby expressed satisfaction at the quality of civil and bio-remediation works being done by the contractor.

They disclosed this in an interview against the backdrop of some persons purported to be living in the estate who had invited a local news crew to do a largely inaccurate report misrepresenting the facts.

Mr. Fidelis Ewubare, resident in the estate stated that he was pleasantly surprised at the pace and quality of ongoing construction work on site as where he stood to grant interview used to be a large gaping hole in the ground.

He added that it was a very deep gully, that had destroyed a whole factory and rendered many landlords in the estate tenants.

“But today, the flood and gully devastated area of the estate have been substantially reclaimed and the hitherto devastating flood water channeled through NEWMAP newly constructed open and underground drainages to be discharged safely downstream,” he said.

Furthermore, Fidelis remarked that he was impressed with the work done so far since the contractor commenced work, no more homes have been lost to the gully again and wondered what could have warranted some persons in the estate to instigate a misrepresentation of the yet to be completed NEWMAP intervention works.

Aside the fact that the ongoing construction and bio-remediation works were glaring for any residents of the estate to see, he said part of the estate hitherto ravaged by flood and gully erosion have not only been reclaimed, but have roads lost to the gully restored and asphalted even at this stage of the yet-to-be completed NEWMAP intervention.

Similarly, another resident, Mrs. Rosemary Nwangene expressed happiness at the state of work done by government NEWMAP. “By the time the contractor completes the project, the place will be like little London.”

She said majority of residents in the housing estate were grateful to the state government for the flood and gully intervention project as landlords and other property owners were no longer having sleepless night over fear of losing their houses and lands to the ravaging erosion.

Nwangene affirmed that it was misleading for some persons in the housing estate to invite a news crew to the flood and gully erosion reclamation and bio-remediation project site, to accuse the contractor of incomplete work when the project is yet to be concluded and construction works can be seeing ongoing.