Democracy Day: GNI Tasks Nigerians To Seek Unity Over Division, Address Obstacles Facing Communities


As Nigeria celebrate Democracy Day today, Nigerians have been urged to reflect on the progress and challenges of the nation’s democratic journey.

Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka (GNI) representing Yewa North/Imeko-Afon Federal Constituency, Ogun State in the House of Representatives, Abuja made this call in a message made available to newsmen on Wednesday to commemorate democracy day celebration nationwide.

Hon. Isiaka, who is the House Committee Chairman on Student Loans, Scholarships and Higher Education Financing acknowledged the sacrifices of patriots who fought for a freer and fairer society.

He noted that it was because of their efforts that Nigerians can now gather freely and dream of a country where every child has equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of background.

Furthermore, the federal lawmaker emphasized that realizing democracy’s promise requires vigilance and participation from the people, urging Nigerians to listen to different perspectives, seek unity over division, and address obstacles still facing many communities.

Isiaka expressed faith that if citizens nurture peace, empower one another and continue their long march towards progress, Nigeria can become the prosperous and just nation envisioned by all, adding that the power to shape the country’s future rests in the hands of the people.

He said “As we mark yet another Democracy Day celebration, let us pause and truly feel the weight of what this occasion means for our nation, Nigeria.

“This is a day to reflect on the long and winding path we have traveled a journey filled with the sacrifices of patriots who dared to dream of a freer, fairer society for all.

“It is because of their selfless acts that we can gather today, freely dreaming of a Nigeria where every child, regardless of circumstance, can soar to the heights of their aspirations, unencumbered by limitations.

“For this is the true essence of democracy, a system that empowers us to shape our collective destiny through open dialogue, compassionate leadership, and an unfailing commitment to justice for all.

“However, realizing the promise of democracy demands our vigilance and active participation. We must listen to understand one another’s perspectives, seek truth and reconciliation over division, and confront the obstacles that continue to impede the progress of too many of our brothers and sisters.

“I have enormous faith that if we nurture the seeds of peace in our communities and continue to empower one another, we can build the prosperous, just, and secure nation we all envision. Our future remains unwritten, the power to shape it rests in our hands as a people.

“May the promise of a rewarding tomorrow give fresh meaning to our labours today. Together, our long march towards progress continues.”