Crisis Looms As Egba, Awori Claim Ownership Of 5,000 Hectares Of Land


Unless Ogun State Government takes quick and drastic action, a serious crisis is looming in Olorunogo, Iro, Orogbe, Ikija and the environs in Obafemi Owode and Ifo Local Government Areas respectively over claims and counter-claims on the ownership of over 5,000 hectares of land situated in Egba community.

This situation if not checked might resulted to unwanted loss of lives and properties in these communities.

It was gathered that the Awori people who settled on Egbaland in Ibaragun Town near Ijoko Ota in Ado Odo Local Government Area were claiming the ownership of the expanse piece of land of over 5000 hectares in more than 100 villages in Egba community.

The Oba of ibaragun who is a descendant of a mixture of Egba and Awori and was also installed as the Oba by the Alake of Egba land was the arrow head of the Awori invaders.

It was also learnt that to garner support, every influential people met are being promised free land to support them to reclaim the land as planned.

Moreover, in order not to be caught unawares, the entire community have been put on red alert in readiness for invaders.

According to Apostole Akindele, an Egba community leader in the area, he recalled that similar invasion by the Dahomey people in the early settlement of the Egbas in the present site was a disaster for the invaders.

It will be recalled that there is an extant law on land grabbing in Ogun state, one will be wandering why sudden rise in cases of land grabbing in the state.

Recently a community also cried to the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun to speak out as some land invaders alleged they were sent by the governor.