Collect Their Money, But Vote Wisely- NNPP Vice Chairman Tells Voters


As the Ogun State Local Government Elections billed for July 24th, 2021 is fast approaching, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has urged eligible voters to collect money from whoever that wanted to influence them to vote for their candidates, but they should vote for credible candidates of their choices.

Vice Chairman of the party in Ogun State, Alhaji Wasiu Adebanjo stated this in a chat with at the end of the party State Executive Council (SEC) meeting held in Abeokuta on Sunday.

Adebanjo, who also is the Chairman, Ogun East Senatorial District hinted that his party, NNPP has no money to dole out to eligible voters across the state, but promised that if party candidates for chairmanship and councillorship were voted into power, they would not disappoint in carrying out their duties legitimately.

He stressed that the aspect of vote buying that has become a norm in the annals of elections in Nigeria, whereby party leaders, members relied on giving money to influence voters before and during elections should be discouraged by voters.

He hereby urged anyone being offered money to collect their money and vote their conscience for credible candidates of their choices without fear or favour. Adding that such money was part of the stolen wealth accumulated by these politicians to destroy peoples future through vote buying.

While responding on the chances of NNPP on the council elections in July, he confirmed that what was in ground was no longer 50/50 percent as envisaged by APC, but that the power has gradually shifted to 70-30 percent in favour of his party.

Adebanjo averred: “We can see that chances for APC have reduced to 30 percent. As we are not blind at all. Ogun State people’s eyes have opened, we are in 70% now. The APC led government has spoilt the state, they want to make the state one party state, and God has passed them.

“As for the youths, I won’t blame them as much. What the youths have been facing are enormous, they believed that their is no hope for them again, but I want to tell them there is hope if they can hold themselves in one accord.

“Youths should not think that it is not possible, they should come out and vote, knowing that we are the future leaders of tomorrow in this state.

“Governor Daoo Abiodun has done nothing to benefit the good people of the state. The best thing we have ever received from him was to go and contest the election, won, but after that, he is repaying the debit that his petroleum company is owing banks since he assumed power.”

On the chances of NNPP in his district, he said: “NNPP has covered all the nine local governments and we pray God to grant us victory. There will be no room for elections rigging.

“We have met the market women and men and they have told us that they were tired of this government. The affliction on then were too many to bear. So, they are ready to vote and defend their votes from election riggers.

“We don’t have money to dole out to voters, but promising to rewrite the wrong doings of these bad politicians in the state.”