Cleric Laments Over Rising Number Of Fake Pastors In Nigeria


Rev. Paul Anyasi, the President of Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, has described the rising number of what he referred to as fake and impostor pastors in Nigeria, as a worrisome problems plaguing the country.

Rev. Anyasi made this known during the induction service of Pastor Christian Onyekpe at Restoration Baptist Church (aka Our Savior’s Center), Boji Boji Owa in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State.

While frowning at the attitude of many miracle seekers, particularly women, he said that the fake and impostor pastors were taking advantage of those seeking shortcuts to challenges.

“That is why these fake pastors are everywhere taking advantage of them, in the name fix it quick.

“Nigeria will be a better place if most people stop seeking short cut to making it. Most people want to arrive without sweat or labour. Salvation is not cheap. The scriptures observed that in every labour there is profit,” he stated.

Speaking in a sermon titled, “A Shepherd on Assignment’, Pastor Anyasi noted that the major role of pastors was to guide and lead their congregation in the ways of Lord.

He pointed out that spirituality remained a core requirement of every church head.

“Anyone who is called by God to serve Him must operate in spirit and in truth, to always be very careful in handling the things of God, showing his church members, the right directions to follow’

“For you to succeed in the business of leading God’s people, you must operate in love and truthfulness as well as application of wisdom,” he added.

The cleric urged the Christians to always obey God’s instructions and take good care of their pastors by supporting him in any way they could.

“When a pastor is not taken care of, he will not be able to bring out his best. Also, he may involve himself in things that are against the will of God.

“It is also very important, that church members develop the habit of praying for their pastors and church leaders so that they can have impactful leadership,” he further added.