Bank Robbery: Boxer Disarms Hoodlum Of Dagger, Delivers Life Threatening Punches


A hefty boxer has disarmed a hoodlum of his long and sharp dagger in front of a commercial bank in Warri, Delta State.

An eye witness, who said he was the Chairman of the car wash in Warri Garage, without revealing his name stated that the boxer was at the said commercial bank for ATM transaction.

The eye witness alleged that the said victim accosted by the hoodlums with the aim of dispossessing him of the money he withdrew from the ATM.

However, the boxer, it was gathered , gallantly and skilfully disposed the hit man of the three member gang of hoodlums of his long, sharp dagger and that in the process landed a life threatening punch on the face of his assailant.

The hoodlum was said to have fallen down and fainted with blood gushing out of his mouth and nostril.

The other two member gang of hoodlums obviously overwhelmed by the gallantry, skill and strength of the boxer ran for their lives into the nearby Warri Cemetery.

Not done yet, the boxer was said to have grabbed the hoodlum firmly on the ground.
It was further gathered that it was not long before a police patrol team arrived the scene and bundled the unconscious hoodlum away.

It would be recalled that dagger carrying hoodlums had laid siege at Lower Erejuwa and Warri Garage Area down to a filling station close to Hausa Quarters by Warri- Sapele Road, Warri.

Hoodlums have reported stabbed and disposed law abiding citizens, particularly females of their handsets and other valuables with impunity even in broad day light.