2023 General Elections: Pastor Sefunye Calls For National Prayer On Feb. 22


Presidency 2023: Pastor Sefunye Calls For National Prayer On Feb. 22

As the 2023 General Elections is approaching, Nigerians all over the world have been called upon to set aside Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 as a day of national prayer for the country.

The day becomes necessary as the year 2023 will determine the kind of leaders that will be elected to pilot the affairs of the country, it has been known in all quarters that Nigeria’s problem has not been lack of resources but ideal leadership.

Declaring February 22nd as fasting day for Nigerians was Pastor Abraham Adeseye Senfuye, the Setman of Treasure House of God, Quarry Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Pastor Sefunye expressed the conviction that if men of honest report, full of Holy Ghost and wisdom are elected into leadership positions in Nigeria, come 2023, the country would also attain peace, and that all issues pertaining to incessant kidnapping, agitation such as Odua Nation, Arewa Republic, Niger Delta Republic and Biafra Republic would also cease and the country would march to greatness.

He said: “After 61 years of Nigeria’s independence, the nation is still grappling with insecurity, corruption, banditry, regional agitation, economic instability among others.

“As the 2023 election for a new leader gets closer, it becomes imperative for us to pray for a leader with a passion for equitable distribution of our natural resources who will also address the myriad of challenges facing us as a nation

“Nigerian’s problem has not been lack of resources but ideal leadership who could ensure equitable distribution of the resources of the land, hence Nigerians should fast and pray for God to give us the right leader in 2023, declared

“I believe Nigeria remained a blessed one and that Nigerians should constantly learn to take the country’s situation to God in prayers, if truly they desired to see Nigeria in greatness, peace love, kindness Nigerians should ensure we produce in 2023 a President who will allow God to lead the way in the governance of the country.”

Furthermore, he disclosed that the vision of a special prayer and fasting for the country was revealed to him in one of his quiet moments in the presence of God while meditating and reading from the scriptures in the book of Acts of the Apostles 6: 1 of the Holy Bible.

“Where there were accusations and contestation of marginalisation and it was agreed that they needed to appoint seven men with three qualifications namely: Men of honest report, full of Holy Ghost and Wisdom.

“As soon as this was done, all contestations, agitations, murmurings stopped and peace and tranquility returned to the land.”

Pastor Senfuye said it showed the problem was not lack of resources or religion, but inequitable distributions of resources, lack of men who could hold positions of authority and do things right.

The Setman of Treasure House Of God said, aside for the immediacy needed for the prayer and fasting, that special day, Tuesday February 22, 2022 ( 2/22/22) has been divinely chosen for double portions of blessings.

Adding that the prayer and fasting was not about religion but for all Nigerians who desire to see Nigeria in greatness, and that it could be done wherever one could be on that day, because according to him, all that was revealed to him was that the chosen day is a day for double portions of blessings.

Furthermore, Pastor Senfuye stated that the prayer and fasting would not require any special place or centre, incense, water or oil but total devotion and submission to God through our prayer and fasting just for that day.

“All that was revealed to me was that Nigerians should fast and pray on that special day, wherever they could be, no special centre or place, no need for water, oil, incense. All God Has commanded us to do was absolute devotion and consecration, irrespective of your religion, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim.

“You are also free to assembly in your local churches or mosques or even places of work to observe this special prayer and fasting. For us at Treasure House of God, we will observe the day at the church,” he stressed.