NCEVECC Commander, Obasanjo Appeals To Gov. Abiodun For Logistics Support


The National Community Ethics and Values Environment Compliance Corps (NCEVECC), Ogun State Command has appealed to the state Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun support on mobility, office and wages that will boost their officers morales.

State Commander of NCEVECC, Onilu Obasanjo Johnson made this appeal in a chat with during the decoration ceremony of 85 newly promoted officers held in Abeokuta on Friday.

Commander Johnson noted that by these requests, it would boost, recognise and enhance the performances of their officers to do more in supporting the government efforts in ensuring cleanliness across the state.

Speaking further on the activities of the agency, he affirmed: “Actually, this is a voluntary organization because we willing decided to support the government, that is why we are doing it as NGO voluntarily working for government.

“I believe that working with OGWAMA now, the state government due to our own personal efforts, if they decide to look inward and give us anything, we will appreciate that.

“We are even begging government to support us because our men are everywhere, you can see their dressing, we have gallant officers both females and males that are ready to work. And I believe that if government will look inward and give us anything, we will appreciate that.

“We are appealing to state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to help us on mobility, office and also on wages or token to motivate and boost our officers morales, and recognition in the society, we will be very happy.”

“We are working with OGWAMA and they have their police too, they have sweepers likewise environmental officers also in partnership with OGWAMA.

“With all these parastatal, we put our resources together to support the efforts of the state government to make sure that the well being of the state and that the environment is well conducive for people to stay.

“For now, we don’t have the power to arrest or to prosecute anybody. In the case of open defecation or indiscriminate urinating in the streets, when we discovered people like that or who dumped refuse along the road side, if the person is caught, we only educate the person and tell him or her to remove it immediately.

“And if the person refused to remove it, we will call on environmental officer or we handover such person to the police to arrest the person. That is what we do.”